Post #6. Motivation Vs. Discipline: What are you relying on?

Hi there! Cool to have you here 😀

Just came back from a walk in the forrest… a gentle fog was surrounding the path and my soul was dancing. If you’re not doing it regularly, I highly recommend forrest walks in the morning. Truly magic… Breakfast for the soul!

Today I want to talk about a very simple idea that really changed my life and keeps doing wonders for me.

It’s the distinction between discipline and motivation.

So… oftentimes, if we wish to change something in our lives, we can be highly motivated… In the beginning of a venture, a project, a change in your life… its pretty common to be all fired up and excited to do what it takes… but as time goes… and as it becomes more familiar, the initial motivation can wane… doubt can set in.. fear can creep in.

The problem for me in the past was that I thought I needed to feel motivated in order to do the right thing. This word “feel”…  this is where difficulties arise – because, we don’t always feel like doing the thing, going for the run, calling that person… having that conversation… but deep inside we know it’s the right thing…

The question is… Do you want to look back at your life and say:

“I never did what I believed to be right because I was not motivated enough, I did not feel like it… I was scared…” 

The other option is to look back and say to yourself:

“What an adventure! I did what I believed to be right even if I didn’t feel like it… I was scared, uncomfortable & felt inadequate…. but look what I accomplished.” 

You see… everything that is beautiful, good… great… in life, comes with hard, persistent and DISCIPLINED work over time

You simply need to trust that the change you’ve decided to do over the long run is something you really want… that it’s really worth it. Then do what it takes, no matter if you feel like it or not…

To make this shift of awareness, to do what’s right rather than what’s easy, it has helped a lot for me, in the moments of choice, to repeat these phrases to myself:

* Motivation is trash, discipline is gold. 

* Action precedes inspiration. 

* Obstacles make me stronger. 

Try these out in difficult moments, and you start to rewire your brain to think differently about these kind of situations: in a way that will help you to take action instead of putting things off all the time… This can also prevent a lot of guilt or shame to fester…

Actions to take:

The first step to achieving the freedom that comes with discipline is to determine what kinds of actions you need to take, depending on where you want to end up in life and how informed you are about the ways to get there. These are your disciplines.

The second step is to create a “One Page Plan” where you clarify your vision, values & strategies to do what you set out to do and be the kind of person you want to be.

The third step is to look at this daily and schedule it… Put out the actions during the day. F.ex if you wish to get fit, schedule going for a walk every morning and when you come to that time, that you’ve DECIDED to do that thing, this is the time where you’r practice begins, the battle… This is where you say to yourself: Im going to be fit one day If I keep doing this. How I feel about it now has nothing to do with it. I’ve decided to do this.


Please let me know if you’re wondering anything. Im here to help you take disciplined action in the direction of your boldest dreams… for it’s in these small, disciplined steps, that true success is to be found. 

To your greatest visions. 

Best wishes, 


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