Post #7. Dating Your Dreams & Making Small Bets to Know What You Really Want

Stuck in analysis paralysis?

Feeling like you don’t know where to go & what to do?

Small bets…

That’s what saved me from drowning in the sea of endless theorising.

We can use small bets to cure indecisiveness about what to do.

Invest little energy with low risk to gain deeper clarity along the path.

See it as discovery… See how you like it.

If you think you want to become a coach… begin small with reading psychology half an hour every day… time will bring clarity…

Whatever grand vision you have for your life, you can always find a way to get a taste of it sooner than you think… You don’t have to wait so long…

It’s not easy to know what we want to do if we never try it out in some shape or form.

Make small bets to cure indecisiveness.

We all have mountains we one day wish to climb. Small bets is a great way to explore the mountain instead of reaching the top and feeling like “Gosh… this was not my mountain.”

For me, applying this rule looks like writing a little every morning on this site… It’s not a huge investment of time and the risk is down to zero… And by doing it I gain deeper clarity about what issues & opportunities that are closer to my heart. I get to know a little but more about myself.

See, Im not starting my journey with writing books & hosting events about these subjects that I’ve noticed Im passionate about. But just writing here. A little bit. Every single morning. Making these small bets. 🙂

Action will show… Action gives you honest feedback… Action teaches you a lot… Go take it… But start small… with small, tiny, achievable bets.

It’s sort of like going on a date with your dream… letting the love grow or fade… You will find out how deep the initial love was to start with…


Action plan: Write a list of dreams you have, things you wish to learn & passions you think you could devote yourself to on a larger scale. Also write what you believe to be your mission in life, how you wish to help people and what change you wish to make.

Then go through and pick 5 of them that you really feel jazzed up about…

The last step is to design small bets for these big visions.

So the question to ask yourself here is: How can I do this today? Explore this today? In some shape or form? 

For example if you want to become an author… you can see how it would feel like by writing a little bit every day.

* Want to be a songwriter? Start with taking 10 min to write a song each day.
* Want to be an author? Start writing 10 min each day.
* Want to be a designer? Start with designing 10 min each day.
* Want to be an artist? Start with designing 10 min each day.
* Want to be a psychologist? Start with reading 10 min about psychology each day.
* Want to be fit? Start with working out 10 min each day.

If you want to go to the other side of the world and “really live your life”, start with going to the other side of your town, city, village & speak with some strangers, go on a local adventure.
For example I dream of running in the mountains of Andorra with some friends, but a small bet for me is to run in the nearby, somewhat smaller mountains, in my region back home… And Ive noticed, I do LOVE IT!

Or is your dream to become great at something? Communication, learning, memory? If that’s the case, every challenge, ever moment, becomes a pristine opportunity to make small bets and practice the mental muscle that you wish to cultivate & develop.

Good luck with the small bets. 

Take care,
Daniel Galovan

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