Post #11. The World Challenge Iceberg

I just sat down to determine what challenges that are presented to us today & what we could do… Here’s what I came up with… What do you think?

What we see with our eyes, and on the news, is only the tip of the iceberg…

Challenges we’re dealing with today:
* Agression & impulsiveness
* War
* Thinking only about ourselves at the expense of others
* Living sedentary lives.
* People are blame others for their shortcomings
* People are envious of each others success
* People live beyond their means & have to stay in jobs they hate to pay for things they don’t need in order to impress on people don’t really like.
* People are harsh & judgemental to themselves and otehrs
* People do what they know is wrong & unhealthy just because they feel like foing it
* Porn addiction & a screwed perception of intimacy
* Food, game, phone, sex, gambling, alcohol, drug – addiction.

What lies at the core of these challenges?
* We lack general awareness & knowledge about how we thrive in doing good & suffer from doing harm.
* We lack understanding about the impact that forgiveness has on us
* We have an image of what it means to be successful, and it’s empty.
* People have a lack of understanding on the impact shame has on their lives & lack strategies on how to deal with it.
* People lack awareness of the impact that a fixed mindset has on their lives & growth…
* People lack awareness about the importance of trusting yourself fully in order to live a good life, to master yourself.
* Lack of awareness how harsh self talk is impacting us.
* People don’t believe in the joy of the struggle… of giving…
* People give up on finding their true calling in life… They don’t believe they have one…
* People lack understanding of what brings real happiness & they feel preassure to use the same substances, take the easy road to the euro chemical sensations of fulfilment & joy & satisfaction.
* People lack awareness about the risks of not taking risks, and the dangers of safety & the discomfort that comes from comfort… In the long game…

Potential Missions to Pursue: 
* Spread awareness about how we thrive in doing good & suffer from doing harm.
* Spreading awareness about the impact forgiveness has on our wellbeing
* Helping people define what success means to them, quit comparison & living after other peoples definition of success
* Helping men deal with shame to become truly free
* Empowering people to grow by teaching them about their innate potential for growth & adaptability
* Helping people build self trust & self-discipline.
* Helping people to be good friends with themselves
* Help people understand the joy of giving
* Help people find their purpose so they can live a richer life.
* Helping people become more aware of what brings true happiness & what doesn’t
* Teach people about the risks of not taking risks, and the dangers of pursuing safety & the discomfort that comes from pursuing comfort… In the long game… Overweight, addicted, depressed & stagnating… “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

What do you think?

Are there any more core issues that are essential?

What mission are you pursuing?

Best wishes, 

Daniel Galovan 

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