Post #12. Could You Please Define “Success”?

If I were to ask you if you wanted to be successful or not… Im pretty sure your answer would be clear: “Successful, of course!” 

Captain Obvious here… But let’s see where Im going with this…

So, imagine this scenario:  It’s in the middle of the night and someone is tickling your feet. You wake up and see The Genie from Aladdin with a big, mischievous smile, whispering: 

“Good morning… You have one wish that i will fulfil. So, what do you say?”

You answer that you want to become “the most ‘Successful’ person in the world.” 

The Genie looks at you with a sad gaze and with pity, he says: 

“Successful…? What do you mean? By whose standards?” 


That’s a great question: By whose standards?

The Genie would not be able to help you fulfil your wish until you gave him some concrete definition.

Yourself, YOU… will not be able to take conscious decisions & deliberate steps in the direction of this thing you want, called “success”, until you clarify a definition that speaks to your heart.

I believe this is really key to think about.

And depending on your level of awareness, your answer will be very different.

When I was 13, success was the acquisition and constant accumulation of antique, shiny stuff…

When I was 16, success was all about trying to be liked by others & doing my very best to be a cool dude, having the same clothes as everyone else.

When I was 18, success was all about hiding away, reading massive amounts of Classical Literature, jacking up myself with nicotine & eating too much dark chocolate…

You see… these definitions where based on different stages of awareness… awareness about what brings true joy.

Now, for me it’s all about:

1. Relationships: Living a Connected life, cultivating deep, compassionate & generous relationships in my current roles. Being open to supporting & getting supported.

2. Wellbeing: Cultivating Strength of Mind, Body & Soul with Self-mastery & self-discipline.

3. Adventure: Living a life of Adventure, stretching my social, mental & physical comfort zones.

So, I would say that… Success is doing what matters most to you, to the best if your knowledge.

Success is living according to your highest values: what you believe is good, right & healthy.

Success is when your daily actions reflect your most essential priorities.

Success is when you do what you believe is right rather than what’s easy, no matter how you feel. 

The second step after defining success is to find out ways to take your daily focus, actions & thoughts in the direction of this definition, and start small for goodness sake. Every epic journey started with that single, little courageous step.

What I believe happens often in today’s society is that we spend very much time in front of the tv, phone & computer, and we get fed with other people’s definitions of success…

This does not serve us in clarifying our definition, but makes us more confused and prone to living a life where we strive to live the type of success that media is imprinting on us: Own a lot of expensive stuff, be famous & absolutely be flawless…   

Don’t let others’ expectations decide how you will live your life.

Stay true to yourself.


A great way to start this journey is to ask yourself:
* What is truly important to me?
* What makes me come alive?
* What do I really need to be deeply happy?
* What makes me feel more whole?
* What makes me proud?

And as a process to discover your priorities, daily learning is an invaluable tool to do this… It has helped me tremendously on my search for what I want to create in my life.
Podcasts & books are simply conversations with people who have gone further along the path of self-discovery. Learn from them.

Wish you all the best,

Daniel Galovan 

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