Post #18. Pursue Dreams, Not Distractions.

Hi there! I believe this post is going to be very useful for you…

…to gain deeper clarity on how to live a more adventurous, bold and fulfilled life.

I believe this is relevant to everyone of us, in this age of dramatic distraction… we need focus… focus is everything.


I believe there is something deep inside all of us… that knows… we have to pursue our dreams, in order to truly live.

I believe… we all have these ideas, these visions… that are calling us to stand up and take action.

I believe we have missions to fulfil, work to do, people who need our unique gifts, experiences & hard won empathy. 

But how come we see so many people live lives of…

…quiet desperation…

…potential unexpressed…

…making excuses versus taking responsibility…?

How come we, in an age where we have so much access to wisdom, knowledge & powerful idea, see so many who feel… lost, lonely, depressed… disempowered…? 

We can either look at this and say:

“Well, it just is so. Just accept it. There’s nothing we can really do about it… When people are broken, they can’t be fixed… We can just give them some medication, more entertainment & continue numbing their unexplainable pain…”

But I can say, out of experience & observation:

“Well, this is not the way it has to be. I will embrace it, but not accept it… There are many things we can do about it. When people are broken, they can be fixed… We’ve seen it again and again… We can stop numbing our pain of unexpressed potential and begin working with the core issues… It doesn’t have to be this way… We have work to do… Things can change. Believe me.”

Yes, I know this is a bold statement. But I have no doubt that, no matter how bad our condition is in life, there is nothing that truly stops us from choosing to se that potential of a 1% improvement… And if this choice is done on a consistent basis over time, who knows how much positive change that is possible.

So, to the point: What is it, that’ stealing our dreams? What is stealing our potential? What is stealing our lives?

First, I believe real joy is to be found in the journey of following our true path, but to choose a path, we must have some kind of destination in mind: A set of values, ideals, deep longings, goals.

But the challenge is this: it’s not very easy, and it doesn’t come naturally for everyone to sit down, quiet your mind and get to know yourself on this level, in terms of what you want to experience, do & be in your life…

So few do it, yet this is what we really need…

So, this is what I believe our biggest “dream thief to be”. I would love to hear your take on this. What do you believe are our biggest “dream thief”?

Its important to identify what’s hindering us living our best lives… Because then we can take more informed action and change the thing… We cannot change what we cannot see..

The addiction to Distractions. 

Imagine you’re in a valley right now… You’re looking up at the mountain tops and saying to yourself: It would be really cool to climb one of those tops…

But then you hear a beep in you pocket, it’s your phone and instantly pick it up and check a message from a friend, then you check your Instagram, go on to some links that popped up there and… its now two hours later and your watching a dancing Orangutang…

Technology is designed to get your attention… and keep your attention… Except from making your neck hurt and your mind to feel foggy, there one more thing that happens…

This addiction… yes addiction… (try to live one day with no social media) is distracting you from your path in life… its so easy to compare yourself with other people, which makes you feel disempowered…

It’s so easy to look at other people who are “climbing their mountaintops” and staying in the safe valley…

It’s far more easier to look at someone else pursuing their dreams, living vicariously through them, and staying in your comfort zone…

This phenomena of “living through other people” paralyses us and makes it difficult for us to:

a) Get a deeper sense of what we’re all about and what we want to do. 

b) Take action, because we’re constantly comparing ourselves with the masters & experts. 

I mean… it’s all good and ok to be “inspired and encouraged”, but that’s not the goal… The goal, what truly makes us come alive is when we get an idea what we want to do, we focus on our destination, stop consuming and instead, start creating, start pursuing our visions.

So, my encouragement to you is to simply be aware: Are these much notifications, messages, likes, pings, beeps, videos, eternal advice… Is it really taking me closer to my mount top? What is my mountaintop anyway?

An addiction to non-essentials, shallow pursuits 6 distractions: More likes, more things, more stimulation – is the end of creative production and pursuing your dreams. 


Please consider this… I simply want to ask you: 

Are you focused on pursuing your vision of a remarkable life? 

Are you taking disciplined action in the direction of your dreams? 


Are you in your comfort zone most of the time, pursuing distractions instead of your dreams? 

Are you doing shallow work?

Are you consuming more than you are creating?


Live well. Know what you want. Be the best you.

Stay focused, 


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