Post #20. Knowledge + Action = Progress

We often know what’s right… but are we doing it?

It’s really simple to loose weight: move more, eat less…

But actually doing it… yes… hard… but impossible? Nope…

The combination of knowledge & action is what we call integrity…

Integrity is true success.

The opposite… it sounds harsh:

– Hypocrisy 
– Lack of integrity 
– Cognitive Dissonance 
– Existential Vacuum 
– Lack of congruence
– Stagnation…

This is: Knowledge – Action = Stagnation

So, to elevate your life, you need to work on two things:

1. Lift your knowledge. Learn, study, read: especially about health, human potential & strategy around your goals.

2. Take disciplined action on what you know is right & on ideas your learning. Build new habits.

Simple… Yes…

Easy? No…

Possible…? Yes…


Be bold… take action on what you already know…

Increase your knowledge to take more informed action along your chosen path… 

With love, 


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