Post #21. The Most Empowering Finding About our Brain

Hi, hope you’re doing great. Standing for your deepest values, protecting your integrity, living from a deep place of courage and wholeheartedness.

My deep wish for you is that you rise to your own for of greatness, one small step at a time… 1% daily…

When we learn what we’re capable of. When we hear again and again from different disciplines, ideas, concepts & findings that are aligned, it’s almost difficult to ignore them…

This is what learning does for you. Learning in the sense of studying the field of human potential for change, growth & truly living life to the fullest…

So, the thing is… ideas are all around us… some of them we regard as more true than others… I believe we should really ask ourselves: “How would people benefit from believing in this? How would it help them to make good decisions and move forward with courage?” 

This is the question…

So, if you doubt these empowering ideas, I really understand… because they seem unbelievable, especially if your new to the fields of human potential… it all seems to good to be true… Now you are responsible… and that can be quiet scary…

If you find it hard to believe, there’s nothing which is truly stopping you from digging deeper and looking into the ideas Im sharing here…

I don’t want you to trust me blindly… I simply want to show you a little part of a world, a way of thinking, that is truly liberating, hope giving & deeply empowering.

This is the world of possibility, for he who chooses to believe only what makes him move forward and act with kindness, boldness & integrity.

So, here’s what I’ve found during my journey:

You can Build a better Brain

Dr. Sandrine Thuret explains the new findings on Neurogenesis so well in her TED Talk:
You can grow new brain cells. Here’s how | Sandrine Thuret – YouTube

Basically, she explains that neurogenesis is the very basis of a healthy human brain and that “Neurogenesis is a target of choice.”

In other words, this means that you are, ultimately, in control of:
a) Improving your capacity for memory
b) Improving your capacity to experience joy
c) Preventing Neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer & Dementia

You only need to know this, and your growth & change is in your control. You just need to know what to do… But first you have to believe it… So, go and check out her TED Talk. Truly empowering…

This is also aligned with Daniel Amen MD, with his conclusion:

“After 22 years and 83.000 scans, the single most important lesson my colleges and I have learned, is that you can literally change peoples brains. And when you do, you change their life… You are not stuck with the brain you have. You can make it better. And we can prove it.

Check out Daniel Amen’s very powerful TED Talk here: TEDxOrangeCoast – Daniel Amen – Change Your Brain, Change Your …

This knowledge is power, it’s potential. What will you do with it? Use it or loose it? You choose. 🙂


My encouragement to you is that you look deeper into the field of human potential.

Learn how you work, learn what you’re made of and you will have a deeper awareness, which will enable you to make better decisions and ultimately, experience & become what you’ve dreamt of.

You can be great. 

Just start small.

Practice acting great with the little things – and you’ll get used to this new standers. 

With love and appreciation – to your heroic nature,


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