Post #26. Stand for Love or Fall for Fear

“Decide what you stand for. And then stand for it all the time.”
– Clayton Christensen, Management Consultant 

A key distinction that I’ve been think about a lot lately and feel compelled to share with you today, in all respect, is simply this:

If we are not acting out of love, we are acting out of fear. 

I we are not choosing love, we will be chosen by fear…

Some say we “fall in love”… but I believe love is something we stand up for…
Because standing is hard…

Standing for something takes courage… and strength…

But falling? That’s easy… Anyone can do that…

I believe this: Stand for what you love, or you will fall for what you fear. 

Let me explain this concept a bit further…

If you have a dream, you have to cultivate the love for this dream or you will fall for the fear of looking eccentric, stupid, failing, and so on…

So, if you profess that you really love a person, a passion, a project, a dream…
Consider this idea….

“Love will find a way. Everything else will find an excuse.”
– Preston Smiles

The question is: Do you love it enough?

Your persistence will tell of your love…

But how do we grow in love?

According to my experience, it’s all about small daily, intentional & disciplined investments of time and energy in your love, and the love will grow…. See the love as a plant, which you will need to give sufficient attention in order for it to grow… Give it your best attention.

As Brother John Marc shared with me under my silence retreat last year:

“All beautiful things takes time to grow.”


This idea of the importance of actually standing for something, goes for many key choicesm with their own consequences.

– Stand for truth, or you will fall for dishonesty.

– Stand for integrity, or you will fall for hypocrisy.

– Stand for nobility or you will fall for ignoble actions.

– Stand for growth or fall for comfort.

– Stand for what’s right or you will fall for what is easy…

No matter what you’ve decided to stand for, you will be better of if you stand for it all… the… time…

If you really care, trust me, you will find a way…

And if there is no way – then go on and make on.

Everything was impossible until it was done…

With love,



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