Post #28. How to Use Our Time More Wisely

“Potential unexpressed turns into pain.”
– Robin Sharma

Something I believe that a lot of us are dealing with now days is the feeling that we’re not using our time as wisely as we could.

This takes form of sitting more than we’d like to in front of our computers, watching TV or checking our phones endlessly…

This is where the integrity gap creeps in… We know we could be, do, create more goodness in our life… but we’re not…

Ryan Holiday talks about Alive Time Vs. Dead Time…

Robin Sharma talks about time spent out of your comfort zone vs. time spent stagnating.

One of the principles that I seek to live by is simply this: “Consume less, create more.”

So, I have spent countless hours in front of the computer consuming copious amounts of information, advice & inspiration… But non of that really matters… It’s all consumption… It sure feel goods for a while, but ultimately, it’s kind of empty pursuits…

When it comes to the way we think about time, we would really benefit from gaining deeper self awareness with questions like these:

* How will this move me closer to my goals?
* How will this make me a better person?
* Who will benefit from me doing this?
* What if everyone would be doing this right now? Would I want to live in that world? 

What matters, is the things we actually MAKE, CREATE, DO... about the ideas that we have.

See, ideas are like seeds… We need to have the discipline to pick those we like the most & nurture them into something useful, substantial, cultivate something meaningful.

It all depends on what you’re aiming to create in your life. It all depends on what phase you’re in, what goals you have and what you’re all about.

I want you to do something right now, it’s very simple but has the potential to give you much greater clarity on what you actually would love to do on your free time….  

So, take a piece of paper and do this practice that let’s you dream without limits, with total freedom:

1. Imagine you won 3 million dollars, it’s now a normal day 3 months later…
How will your day look like? When do you wake up? Who do you spend your time with? What do you do? What’s exciting you today? What’s fulfilling to you? What do you love to do? 

2. Go through what you’ve written and underline all the things that would be possible to act upon today.  

For example if you put “learn to play the guitar”, it doesn’t cost 3 million dollars to do that… 

3. Schedule your favourite underlined pursuits & projects & start doing more of what you’d really love to do. 

(I just did the exercise myself & gained deeper clarity already)


Let me know how it goes. 

And please feel free to ask questions & share your struggles.

I’d love to understand deeper.

I’m here to give you a helping hand. 

With love, 



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