Post #34. On The Soul’s Cry

Hi! Hope you’re doing great!

Just came back from a hike in the forrest. Slept in nature. Really energising and inspiring. Will do that more often.

So, today we’ll talk about the Philosophical side of the Psychological phenomena of The Integrity Gap or “cognitive dissonance”, or the deeper causes of varying psychological pain & stress…

One of the books that has been my faithful companion & shaped my thinking about life, since 2014 is The Art of Living, by the Stoic Philosopher Epictetus

Epictetus wasn’t just a wise guy yelling wisdom from the mountaintops, but he was a man of humble beginnings. Raised in slavery, in Ancient Rome, with a “master” who made him suffer in many different ways.

But Epictetus didn’t let this break him… He had a deep understanding about the essential freedom of every human being, to choose their own attitudes and actions toward whatever happens to them, to any circumstances…

THIS IDEA… formed the basic principles of his Roman Stoic Philosophy. And he continued to explore the possibilities of living “a good life”, no matter who you were and what you’ve gone through in life… Epictetus was a evangelist of human independence, a spokesman for true inner freedom.

So, today I want to talk about “The Soul’s Cry”.

This is all about going to the core of our being… and seeking to understand ourselves and our deepest needs.

This is how Epictetus explains The Soul’s Cry.

“When the soul cries out it is a sign that we have arrived at a necessary, mature stage of self-reflection. The secret is not to get stuck there dithering or wringing your hands, but to move forward by resolving to heal yourself.”

He continue with saying:

“When you actively engage in gradually refining yourself, you retreat from your lazy ways of covering yourself or making excuses. Instead of feeling a persistent current of low-level shame, you move forward by using the creative possibilities of this moment, your current situation. You begin to fully inhabit this moment, instead of seeking escape or wishing that what is going on were otherwise. You move through your life by being thoroughly in it.

The Soul cries out
because we are not living our lives in alignment with our deepest truths, what we hold to be good, right & healthy… Instead of giving our higher truths we succumb to an ever decreasing standard of the majority… this is too easy…

Please stop for a moment

Take a deep breath…

Ask yourself what YOU believe about life…

* What would make a meaningful life to you?

*What would make YOUR soul dance a happy dance?

* What do YOU love?

You see… we are not simply flesh and bones, but complex beings with deep needs, for meaning, for love, for growth… Don’t ignore this anymore… Please…

It’s not until we embark on this journey of discovering our deepest values & joys, that we can truly live… and live, truly…

“Potential unexpressed turns into pain.”
– Robin S. Sharma 


How’s your integrity gap doing? Is it growing or closing?

Recognise that this gap, between who you know you COULD be, and who you are EXPRESSING today, is simply an opportunity to define new steps, new choices, and walk them…

How to quiet the souls cry & close the integrity gap? 
Simply look earnestly where you want to go & who you want to be in life. Who you look up to? What do YOU want?

Keep looking at that. Take one foot infant of the other.  Stay on your hearts path.

You can do this! 

With love!

– Daniel J. Galovan





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