Post #39. Knowledge Simply Gives Us More Options

But only integrity allows us to choose the best possible option, depending on what outcome we want, and when we want it; now or in the future.

See, this is how “what you believe about your future” is connected to your integrity.

Dream big & see far.

This will indirectly help you to “choose the best possible option”.

It will give you a direction to “choose toward”.

Every choice, every step, every option, that will take you closer to this noble vision, is “the the best possible option.”

Choose wisely…

Knowledge doesn’t change us alone… it simply gives us more options to choose from.

The only thing that changes us is:

A compelling vision of your own remarkable future, and daily actions in integrity with that vision.

As Epictetus put it so simply:

“First say what you would be. Then do what you have to do.”


With love!

– Daniel J. Galovan

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