Post #40. We All Carry Seeds of Greatness

“We all carry the seeds of greatness within us, but we need an image as a point of focus in order that they may sprout.”
– Epictetus

What does “greatness” look like to you?

Who is “a great person”, in your world?

This is important to think about…

The ultimate purpose of the hero is not only to help a lot of people. But I believe the larger purpose, the bigger picture, that heroes take part of creating, is that they tell a different story about human nature, about what we are truly capable of. 

* Dietrich Bonhoeffer tells us about our inherent capacity for deep integrity & courage.

* Sophie Scholls tells us about our inherent capacity for courage in the face of enormous risk & fear.

* Viktor E. Frankl tells us about our inherent capacity for integrity

* Nelson Mandela tells us about our inherent capacity to fight for something we believe in with persistence & about our capacity to forgive.

* Mahatma Gandhi tells us about the power we have to master ourselves & liberate the masses.

* Martin Luther King Jr. tells us about our inherent capacity for envisioning a world we want to live in and taking massive action towards manifesting this vision.

(a patter we see clearly when we talk about heroes is that they were living in dark conditions & they often had to go though a lot of suffering. Its in the darkest of nights that the stars shine the brightest, and bring hope, and direction) 

The people you look up to, who they are, what they do, is not only for us to take part of through screens, but they act as examples of qualities for us to embody and live out, to the extent that is possible for us.


Please consider these ideas:

WHAT ONE MAN CAN DO, ANOTHER MAN CAN DO. (to an unknown degree) 

WHAT HAS BEEN DONE CAN BE DONE AGAIN. (to an unknown extent) 

Do you believe this?

I say, even if you can only become 1% more like your hero, its all worth it…

And now, let me ask you, do you believe you can make decisions that allows you to become 1% more like your hero? What about 1% more?

And when 1% seems like a big step, ask yourself: How can I embody this 0.1% more today?

Where does it stop?

YOU d.e.c.i.d.e.

This is your true gift: your decision.

Our freedom to choose where our own unique for of greatness will have taken full form. (I believe this is when we are ready to die.)

Ps. This, “becoming your heroes” is not meant to be some kind of “copy cat’n”.
But the purpose of our heroes is to give us ideals to strive for, qualities to put into practice… It’s not about trying to be “not ourselves”, but more about becoming more of who we already truly are, expressing the gifts of ideals that lay hidden in our hearts and minds; our seeds of greatness. 

The qualities you look up to in others, you already have. You have the seeds of the greatness you see in others. Pick the seeds you want to wee come to fruition and cultivate them, every day, by focusing on them, speaking from them, & acting upon them.


With love.

– Daniel J. Galovan 

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