Post #42. What Michelangelo Can Teach Us About Life & Leadership

“I saw the angle in the marble and carved until I set it free.”
– Michelangelo

When you look at the rough edges of a situation or a person….

Or when you look at your own rough edges…

You can choose to think in two ways:

1. This is…and it will always be…

2. This is… but can become… by…  

When we have the “this is” mindset, we see the thing for what it looks like right now, in this moment. It’s static and “simply is.”

It’s a raw judgement about the “nature” of something as you see it in the moment.

There is no discussion about change or choice, but things, and people simply “are what they are”, and there’s nothing to really do about it…

When we adopt this mindset, we see beyond the current state of the person, thing or situation.

We see the potential of a situation to change nature.

We see the potential of our capacity to make new choices & changing ourselves.

We see the potential for change in ourselves, through making new decisions.


Try to adopt the “this can become” mindset, and see what happens. 

See beyond the current state of things…

Recognise that everything is changing…

Choose to see the tree in the seed…

Choose to see the hero in the child… 

Choose to see the opportunity in the tragedy…

Choose to see the angle in the marble.

Only in this way, you may set it free… 

With love.

– Daniel Galovan

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