Post #43. The Business of Emotions

As we’re in the middle of a technical revolution, if you will, I would love to reflect a bit upon what it means of us…

I want to share one idea that popped out while listening to an compelling conversation between Ezra KleinYuval Harari, author of Sapiens.

Listen to the interview here.

As they talked about self-driving cars, automated production & problem solving of different kinds & in all, the replacement of human beings with machines & AI, I thought:

Machines & AI can analyse solve difficult problems, make stuff move, connect everything, but there’s one thing it can not do yet: It can not truly connect, it can not be vulnerable, because it is designed to be flawless.

This was a highly encouraging idea for me, and I speculate that the future of business, part from programming and technical engineering, will be the business of humanness… the business of true, visceral connection…

Because robot’s can’t do that… yet… Not in an authentic way… Here’s why…

To operate in the evolving business of real connection, we would need to understand what real connection is & why AI will never be able to replace our need for it.

I believe real connection is born in:
* Empathy which didn’t come for free
* Vulnerability and being open with your shortcomings
* Shared history & past scars
* Shared passions & visions
* Shared imperfections


Enter the business of true connection.

With love, 

Daniel Galovan

Ps. I base my opinions about what real connection is on these researchers:
* Check out Brené Brown & Daring Greatly
* Check out Barbara Fredrickson & Love 2.0
* Check out Kristin Neff & Self-Compassion

+ I also think one big part of the humaneness that I believe will become more rare and valuable, is imperfection, originality and craftsmanship.

I don’t know, but I think it’s pretty hard for robots & AI to be imperfect & truly original…

What do you think?

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