Post #44. How To Leverage Free Time

Currently I’m spending time out in the Swedish archipelago with friends and family.

I was reluctant to join because the idea of “just relaxing and enjoying myself” seemed dreadful and… scary.

(But it doesn’t have to be that way…) 

So, I’m writing this post for myself but also for everyone who’s dealing with the reluctance towards mere comfort and relaxation…

This post is for all the doers, for all those who are afraid of comfort and “relaxing”…

How can we really enjoy this time and leverage it to its greatest extent? Here are 10 pieces of advice I give myself in this moment:

1. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted.

Imagine what your life would look like without your family and friends… really imagine it. And then see them with this new attitude. Engage.

2. Do what you love! 

I pursue micro adventures.

What do you love to do? What makes you come alive? Do that!

3. Get to know your loved ones on a deeper level 

Do you know their dreams? Fears? Insecurities? Do you know what they are struggling with right now? Get deep.

4. Share memories

Sometimes it’s hard to remember stuff… some things we want to forget. But really looking for great memories can be a great source of connection. Give it a try and see where it takes you.

5. Stand for your deepest values 

When I’m “not really doing anything  important” I tend to think that my values are less important. But I firmly believe this is such a deep source of joy that should never be overlooked.

Be the best, most noble version of you, no matter where you find yourself and what you are doing.

6. Practice kindness

When around family, we tend to relax our kindness muscles… we have gotten so used to these people and maybe we are taking their love for granted.

Don’t do this. Use these connections to practice kindess. Give it away like the sun gives warmth and light.

In this way, your kindness will become stronger and deeper.

7. Simply enjoy what’s around you

Look around you. Enjoy every little thing. Recognize that this is life. What’s happening right now, this very moment, is the time and space where joy, growth, success and fulfillment is to be found. If not now… then when and where will It be found?

8. Create beautiful memories intentionally 

Do stuff out of the ordinary. Do stuff worth remembering. Do something that will be worth remarking about by your future self. Do something remarkable. 

+ if you have a camera, capture it in its essence.

If we stay in our normal, comfort zone, memories will glide together in one big blob of “normality”. 

9. Engage with the people around

Ask. Listen. Engage fully.

Seek to understand rather than to judge. This is the golden rule of communication.

10. Be vulnerable

Be open about your insecurities. Be open about your dreams. Be open so you may be truly seen. 

This takes conversations to nev levels and fuels your growth.

The truth shall set you free.

Speak your truth. Own your truth.

Truth precedes humility. Humility precedes growth. Growth precedes mastery. 


Have you had similar challenges? 

What do you do to leverage your free time with family and friends? 

What do you fill your time with? 

With love! 

Daniel Galovan 

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