Post #46. How To Find Our Way To Be Most Helpful

We thrive on doing good for others. 

We are hard wired for kindness, decency and service. 

But how can we find our channels, methods and ways to help people in the most enjoyable and effective way? 

And in what way do we want to see people change? 

What kinds of problems do we burn for to be seen resolved in the world?

When we have the courage to pursue these questions, we step into a very powerful place. 
I mean, we are all very different and  we are drawn to different subjects, questions and forms of expressing ourselves.

Beyoncé performs, Michelangelo created art and Beethoven composed. 

What are you meant to do?

What are you most drawn to? 

Where does your strenghts match your passions and the worlds deepest needs? 

3 Questions to Clarify Your (potential) Soul’s Mission

1. What previous experiences has made me feel truly alive? What do I love to do? 

2. What comes naturally to me? What am I good at? 

3. What does the world need now?How would I want the world to be different? 

Please take the time and reflect upon these questions now. 

Where these 3 questions intersect is where I believe a meaningful life is to be crafted. 


I think the world would be far better  of, if more of us took some time to determine and pursue our life mission. 

A mission will take you to interesting places and new experiences. 

Try it out. 

See what mission you could pursue and try it for one day, then 7 days, then one month. 

How does it feel? 

How do you think people find their life missions? 

With love.

– Daniel Galovan

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