Post #47. A Greeting From The Sea

As I’m sitting here by the sea, thinking about what’s on my heart this morning, I thought of you…

– I thought of the dreams that are waiting to be discovered in your heart…

– I thought of your earnest desire to help others…

– I thought of your deep desire to express fully who you are…

Ok… I see… 

Sometimes you might feel completely lost, unsure if what you wanted is what you really were after. It’s ok… 

Just take a deep breath and recognize everything that is amazing in your life right now.

It’s pretty darn ok after all isn’t it? 

It’s not? 

Hey!? Compared to whom? 

Seriously, compared to whom?

Have you gotten stuck in “the comparison trap”, measuring your “success” with that insta celebrity? 

Or comparing yourself with your old friend from collage who “got it all figured out” and “made it”? 

May I suggest…? 

—> Quit comparing altogether, right away and focus on what your passionate about to do, be and create.

In this way, peace is possible.

In this way, you can determine which is your mountain to be climbed and climb it, one focused step after the other. 


With love.

– Daniel Galovan 

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