Post 48. On Becoming More Connected

Something happens when we meet with possibility, viscerally.

Nothing has brought as much joy to my life than the people that I’m connected to.

My life did not always use to be this way.

I was the guy who isolated himself.

I was the guy who dreaded speaking with new people.

I used to stay home in my comfort zone to “seek clarity within myself.”

Today I take every opportunity to communicate, share and connect with people all around me. 

I seek out mentors and connect with people I look up to.

But also connect with people who I would like to understand more.

How did I make this shift? 

How did I go from psychological isolation to meaningful connections? 


What really worked for me was to begin a journey of healing. 


To make a long story short, I began studying and consuming plenty of books on psychology, self-management, leadership and peak performance. 

I read to the point when the gap between who I was and who I knew I could be grew larger than I could bare. I could not, not grow.


As I continued this journey of growth and bringing forth the inner qualities I wanted to manifest, I noticed that more and more I seek out people who are on the same path. 

I know of the frustration and comfusion of not knowing what you want and how to change… I know how it feels to not even believe in the possibility of change. 


When we’re in this state, we need one thing. Hope…

True hope…

The faith that we, and our life can be better, more beautiful in the future, and that we have the power to make it so, by our daily choices. 

This is what we need. All of us…

Real, authentic hope.

Faith in our ability to create and choose our way of living, being and creating what we know we’re capable of.


So, the starting point of hope is to ask yourself some questions and trying the answers. Dating your dreams and getting emotional feedback.

Some core questions:

* what would I like to hear people share about who I was and what I did, when I’m no longer here.

* what do I truly love to do? 

* if anything was possible, what would I like my life to look like in 10 years? 

* what would “an average remarkable” day look like to me? 

When you’ve thought deeply about these questions, it’s essential that you plan to take action on what excites you the most. 

Write down your top 3 priorities.

For me it helps to have clarified that my life is divided into 3 categories:

1. Wellbeing (mind, body, soul): focus, energy and integrity.

2. Relationships: giving and receiving love & support

3. Service: being the change you wish to see and giving what you most wish to receive.

(It took a lot of time for me to gain this clarity of focus, a lot of soul searching and contemplation, seeking what is truly most essential to me.) 

I seek out to invest time in each of these categories daily, and in this way make sure that I stay on my path. 

What are your 3 key priorities and what projects could you design to know more for sure what you’d like to dive deeper into? 

When you know where your going and what your all about and when you start walking forward towards that vision, this is when you will understand the importance of mentors and strong social connection.

Maybe because now you know that every step, every insecurity and every challenge is nothing but an opportunity to learn and go towards your points of focus with greater clarity, power and certainty.


Questions? I would love to answer.

What has helped you cultivate strong relationships? 

Do you have mentors? 

Take care! 

Live well.

– Daniel Galovan 

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