Post #49. Be Carried By Your Essential Skills, Not Your Impressive Title

Hey there! 

Hope you’re doing great, focusing on your key priorities and owning your genius.

Hope you feel empowered to go and pursue your dream one little baby step at a time. 

If you don’t feel you have clear dreams and goals, make it your #1 goal to pick a goal. I cannot stress enough how important this is. 

So, to the point. 

Yesterday I enjoyed a great conversation with a wonderful Yoga Teacher and Performance Coach. 

It was a time of sharing struggles, hopes and dreams. 

Love connecting with pure possibilities, with people who have done the work on themselves to pursue their vision and stand for their greatest. 

One of the things she taught me was concerning the worry we have of not feeling credible enough to do a particular thing…

I shared my insecurieties about feeling “who am I to serve?”

She shared a story about how she wanted to develop her Yoga Practice and sought out the most credited and educated Yogi she could find. The yogi had every degree you could ever dream of in the field of yoga.

But as my dear friend arrived and attempted the class, it was not a great experience… she didn’t feel that connection that is so essential, those magic ingredients of passion and deep care. It wa just strange…

Perhaps the super yogi had a bad day or something, but my takeaway was that: 

An impressive title and degree will never guarantee the core skills, especially the deeper ones, the soft, more human ones.

In other words: 

An impressive title and degree will never replace the way you make people feel and the results you can deliver. 

I’m not saying that you should pretend to be a doctor if you don’t have the education but what I’m saying is that you don’t need to wait to care for people and make people feel valued until you become one.

Focus on skill, how you make others feel and the actual results you can deliver.

And most of all, your caring…



It doesn’t matter how much credentials and master degrees you have if you don’t really care about how it turns out for the person or people involved. 

The absolute best combination is when you have both. Creds, experience, genuine caring and skill.

What you need is:

—> Confidence in your ability to help and add real value to people’s lives. 


Are you postponing expressing some longing you have in your heart? 

Don’t wait until your a doctor I order to express the heart of a doctor.

Don’t wait until you are a world class artist or performer until you share your art with others and pursue mastery in every detail.

Don’t postpone living the lives of your dreams. Start small today.

With love + respect.

– Daniel Galovan 

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