Post #51. What About One Tiny Step? What About 1%?

A young man stood in the valley and looked up towards a mountaintop….

“I could never climb that mountain…” He said to himself with certainty…

“You can’t?” An energetic voice answered him from nowhere…

The young man looked around him and eventually saw a little old man… He looked skinny and almost a bit shaky on his legs…

The young man answered:

“No, I can’t… it’s impossible…”

“Do you want to go there?” The little old man asked.

“Yes, that would be cool, but I guess that I’ll stay down here… It’s safe and I’m ok here…” The young man said while his head slowly began sinking…

The old man looked at the young man and then glanced at the peak where the young man’s eyes had been fixated a few seconds ago…

“It really is beautiful up there…” He said with a confident tone.

“Have you been there?” The young man asked in disbelief and glanced at the old man’s skinny legs…  “Really?”

“Yes, I sure have…”

The young man’s frustration grew unexpectedly from hearing this, that this skinny old man had been up there… “How could this be possible…” he thought to himself.

The old man noticed the young man’s chock… but he had an idea…

“You say it’s impossible?”


“What about one little step toward the peak? Is that impossible also? 

“No, of course not. That’s easy…” 

“Well… What about taking another little step after that?”

“Yes, it’s possible…”

“Well…” the old man continued, “how long could you continue like this?”

“I don’t know… Pretty long I guess…” The young man answered.

“You know how long?…”

The you man shook his head.

“You decide… You decide how long, how far, how high…”

Do you think you can be brilliant?

(feel free to replace “brilliant” with whatever quality you want & admire in others. It could be: kind, generous, loving, clear thinking, brave and so on…)


Well… Do you think you can become 1% more brilliant in some way, if you tried really hard today? What would that look like?

Ok… Cool! Awesome. 

Do you believe you could become 1% more brilliant if you tried really hard one more time? What would that look like?

Ok. Cool…

So… When does it stop?

Well, let me tell you… 

You decide…


Pick a direction…

Start marching the path. 

Time will bring more clarity… 

The really hey thing here is that you really define what inner mountaintop you wish to climb…

Clarify what success really means to you… so you can take more informed steps towards the thing your looking for…

Clarity is power… 

Always, with love.

– Daniel Galovan 

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