Post #55. What To Do With The Unlimited Amount of Answers, Solutions & Advice We Have At Our Fingertips.

We live in a world where information & knowledge is to be found in abundance, while action, application & integrity is scarce resources.

Nowadays, if we want to know something, we simply google it and get a lot of answers…

How to do stuff…

How to be awesome…

How to be healthy…

How to get smarter… more good looking… better… faster…. richer…

How to be, do, create anything…

We live in a world where the “how’s” are pretty much everywhere. Now we need to find the “why’s”.

This is a subject that I think is highly relevant. We have to find that calling, that issue that we burn for which will make everything else meaningful… Our why, our mission, our vision, our filter.

“The problem is not information overload, it’s filter failure.”
– Clay Shirky 

It all depends on where you are and who you are…

When you’ve asked yourself these basic questions, you will have figured out the questions you’re really most curious to ask, what problems you care about the most and what goals to pursue….

Only then you will be ready for all the answers, solutions and advice that’s out there…


What’s your story? 
Depending on what experiences you have, what you’ve gone through and what’s been your biggest challenges; there will be more people who are going through the same thing and can relate with you.

Who can you relate to? These are the people you can serve most profoundly.

Where have you suffered?
What are your deepest scars? What difficulties have you gone through?
These experiences are resources which are hard won empathy which can be leveraged into genuine connections…

The people you’re here to serve are those who’ve gone through what you have and felt what you’ve felt. You’re already connected somehow…

What makes you most angry about the state of the world?
The things that upsets you most about the world is also the biggest opportunity for you to do something you’re truly passionate about, namely finding different solutions to that very problem that makes you angry…

Anger can be leveraged into great engagement… Turn your emotions into energy to work on solutions…

What part of your immediate world could become more whole? 
What makes you most sad about the state that you’re in? What would you most like to change in yourself and your immediate surroundings?

Be that change yourself. Exemplify what you want to see in the world and in others. Stand for your greatest.

Be the best possible version of you. This is in your control. Nothing, no one can truly stop you.

“Start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you have.”
~ Arthur Ashe

Now, if you’ve done the deep work required, to answer these questions, you will know what it is that you’re here to do, who it is that you’re here to serve.

In it’s essence, everything is about how you make people feel and how you manage inspire people to raise their awareness, so they can freely grow and generously give what they are here to give.


Find that cause, that issue, that question which truly engages you… and give everything you’ve got to pursue it… Focus all of your efforts on that one primary issue, until you’ve found one that speaks to a deeper part of your heart. 

With love.

– Daniel Galovan  

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