Post #57. A Greeting + Thoughts On Thoughts


Just came back from a gorgeous walk in my neighbourhood, through a field, a path in the forrest and back. I do this every morning. Simply walking & breathing.

Now, I wish to share something with you…

I simply want to share the fact that, if you are feeling uninspired, trapped, stuck and weak right now…  I know your pain…

Many know of this pain…

It’s something we all go through…

We all know how it’s like to feel you’re in a deep hole and not seeing any way out…

We all know what it feels like to have our heart broken, our mind scattered & our body marred.

Today, I want to talk about a very interesting way of dealing with pain… fear, frustration, and just any other negative feeling that’s part of the human condition.

It’s a topic that’s fairly new to me and it’s the topic of: “The Nature of Thought.”

It sounds very philosophical, yet it’s very practical.

So, I will do some philosophical rambles on “The 3 Principles”, Innate Thinking & Acquiring Natural clarity.

It’s a groundbreaking, basic understanding on how our emotional experiences are created & shaped.

Well, as growing up, I have dealt with very low times… They have taken form of isolating myself from others, staying home from school for long periods & medicating myself with different stimulants.

So, as I’ve shared before, I begun a journey of self-education. I read books from the fields of  leadership, psychology, philosophy, autobiographies of the great & texts from different religions.

On my journey I’ve encountered countless ways of dealing with negative emotions & thoughts. Some them are:

* Giving it all to the saviour Jesus Christ, who has forgiven me for everything… 

* Meditation & mindfulness, observing my thoughts, in a non-judgemental manner, as they “do their thing” 

* Stoic philosophy & the idea that we have to focus on what we have 100% control of instead of focusing on what we do not have control of. 

* Yoga, and the mind, body, soul connection through breathing and positions.

* Exercise, to find back to a more positive state of being.

* Compulsive consumption of pornography, stimulating “foods” like sugar, bread, salt, saturated fat & more, nicotine & as alcohol. 

Many of these strategies have worked more or less, but still they either take commitment, disciplined action & faith or they don’t last very long or they are completely unsustainable & dangerous.

We just want to feel good… And we seek out ways to feel good in countless ways, often from some kind of outside-in practice or mantra of some sort, or reminder of some basic truth that we wish to believe on a deeper level.

Other ways are consumption… Watching that next youtube clip, listening to that next podcast, reading that next book, eating that next chocolate… All to just feel good…

One new way of dealing with negative emotions and thinking that I’ve been introduced to lately is called The 3 Principles.

It’s not an outside-in method like the others, where you have to do stuff, you simply have to make nab effort in understanding some very basic, though hidden principles of how human beings work in relation to our thinking.  

I will begin sharing my deepening of this idea… that basically is all about how 100% of our experiences of the world is created through our thinking about it…


Have you got in touch with any of these kind of ideas? I would love to hear your experiences have been. 

The book that I will be studying is called “Clarity”, and it’s written by Jamie Smart. 

With love. 

– Daniel Galovan 

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