Post #61. On How Perception is Created

“Thought creates the world then says ‘I didn’t do it!'” – David Bohm, Quantum Phycisist 

This chapter is all about the idea that 100% of our experiences of the world is created by thought.

To be honest, at first glance it seems like a bizarre and perhaps even dangerous thought.

I mean… 

If we see everything as “mere thought”, there’s a risk that we trivialize things that should really be taken to deeper contemplation. 

Some examples:

– if we make someone sad, the feeling of regret is real and should be used as a catalyst for change. Its not beneficial to see it as a “mere thought”

– if we break a leg, we have to do something about it, not only seeing it as a “mere thought”.

I see that there is a meaning with mental and physical pain, to help us move forward in life.


Jamie seeks to describe here how our worlds are created.

Our emmediate experiences of reality… everything we can think different about…

Man, this is starting to get… complicated…

So, we create our own reality with our thoughts. 

But we don’t create all of our reality. There are laws governing the physical world that can not be changed by “thinking differently about it.” 

A broken leg, a casem, an orchano, volcano, sickness can not be physically chapped by our thinking. 

But what is then a matter of thinking? What then do we create with thought? 

“You create your own experience of reality, moment to moment, from within consciousness, using the power of thought.”

One example that made this a bit more clear to me is that when we remember something, it’s only a mental construct of the reality we passed through. Also our visions of what we expect to happen in the future is only mental constructs we create with thought.

Jamie argues that “our current experience of reality” is in the same way a mental construct of reality, which we create with thought, the building blocks of our perceptual reality, life as we experience it.



MENTAL CONSTRUCTS OF REALITY -> OUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY (beliefs, opinions and judgements)  



Some examples in how our thoughts create our experiences:

– The same movie can create two completely different experiences.

– The same job can be daunting for one, inspiring for another. 

“100 % of our experiences of reality is mind-made. If a person thinks they need X, Y or Z in order to feel A, B or C, then they will experience it as areality. That’s how powerful THOUGHT is.” 

“We’re living in the experience of  our thinking.” 


The question:

What happens when you consider the fact that 100% of the experience of your senses is being generated by thought, moment to moment? That the fabric of your experimental reality “out there” is in fact being generated by your mind? 


What happens…? Let’s see.

So, it makes me a bit confused… I can see the usefulness of “seeing our thoughts as mere thoughts” if we, for example become frustrated or anxious about something, in reality very small. To recognize the triviality of small things. 

But to see everything as our own creation of thought, doesn’t really make sense. It sounds a lot like Matrix. It just makes me feel insecure about my ability to understand things clearly. As everytime Inwatch at the Matrix. You know, the feeling when you know there’s something truly profound, deep and significant that’s being said it conveyed, unlit you can’t really put your finger on it, or not really wrap your brain around the idea and it’s significance. 

But we’ll see if I manage to understand futlrhher along the path of understanding thought and bringing forth my innate potential for real clarity.  


Take care! 

With love. 

– Daniel Galovan 

Västervik, Sweden 

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