Post #62. The Seeds & Fruits of Life

Currently I’m sitting on a buss from Gothenburg to Lund, reflecting on the time that has just passed. I’ve been swimming, enjoying countless great conversations & the pleasent company of my cousin, who lives in this beautiful city of Gothenburg.

How did I end up here?… I remember how I just had an idea…

It’s fascinating for me to see that, in order to create something, anything really, it all starts with a little idea. And one day, if you choose, that idea can become a decision, and one day, the idea can become a memory…

I used to have so many great ideas!!! But I never did anything about them… This is where disempowerment, stagnation & dullness is born.

See, it’s like planting a garden. You can have a lot of seeds (ideas), but if you never actually plant (decide) the seeds, you will never get to experience the fruits (experience) and beauty it might bring.

What ideas do you want to turn into memories?

What seeds do you wish to plant?

We have the power to choose which ideas we dwell on.

We have the power to choose which ideas to actually act upon.

Choose the one you want to remember.

We are the choosers of our own experience.

And if it doesn’t turn out the way you’d want it, perhaps it’ll one day make a great story. 😉


Take care! 

With love.

– Daniel Galovan 

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