Post #63. Human Centric Leadership

Have you heard of Human Centric Leadership? Or maybe Conscious Capitalism?

Through the work of the author & leadership consultant Simon Sinek, I’ve been introduced to this idea of Human Centric Leadership in a very real way.

It’s a trend that’s happening now when leaders of organisations are recognising that the essence of their organisation is people.

And that the wellbeing of the people in the organisation precedes the wellbeing of the entire organisation.

It’s a movement of hope, with a message that really makes sense:

Never sacrifice people for the sake of results.

Because, if we do, we’ll weaken the source of the results & we will therefore also weaken the results, in the long game.

This goes for schools, companies, families and organisations overall…

When we recognise that “business” can actually be a platform to help individuals prosper & grow in all different ways, the world would be far better of.

“Key pillars are establishing a shared long-term vision, fostering a people-centric culture, developing leaders from within, and sending people home fulfilled.” 

– Bob Chapman, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family

In it’s essence, this way of leading and doing business is all about asking one essential question: What do those in my care really need, in order to be healthy & fulfilled individuals? 

The CEO of Barry Wehmiller, Bob Chapman, once asked himself this question, after having an epiphany that made him think of his people as family.

This isight that he had about the connection & responsibility to care for his people “like family” inspired him to make some changes in his company.

They began viewing the business as a way to grow & develop people in all areas, and in this way transform the world, and the business for that part.

This took the form of listening more to the people and their needs & complaints, and seeking to find sustainable solutions to these challenges.

One thing that really stood out for me when I read Everybody Matters, by Bob Chapman, is that they really did not focus on the growth of the organisation when they designed the developmental programs, but they focused entirely on the people, and their personal longings, no hidden agendas.

We simply have to trust that, if we give the people the tools & environments to flourish, the company can naturally flourish, as a by-product.

First things first.  

This reminds me of this piece of wisdom from The Minimalists:

“Love people, use things. The opposite doesn’t work.” 


Are you stressed about the results that you’re getting? Do you want to grow your business? You have to start looking at what your people are dealing with…

Where do they feel insecure? What are they dreaming about?

What are they struggling with at home?

Where your people’s biggest challenges are, is where your organisations biggest opportunities live.

Take care, of you, and those around you.

With love.

– Daniel Galovan


ps. Does this sound interesting? Do you need a shift in your organisation, to focus on the people first and let the results follow?

Here’s a great Ted-talk to start with:

* Simon Sinek’s Compelling Ted Talk on What’s Driving us & Killing us in our organisations


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