Post #67. On The Art of Starting Small

Hey there! Hope you’re doing great.

Hope you’re using this day, enjoying it and truly making the very best out of it.

Whatever that means to you… (Peace, excitement, service, love, connection, growth, beauty, integrity, creativity? It’s essential for all of us to clarify what matters most to us in a day.)

For my part… I came home yesterday evening… Went for a swim and this morning I picked some blueberries in the forrest. (Abundance is for the ones who go out and tap it)

It’s really cool to back home.

Been out camping, hiking, vagabonding & visiting wonderful people for more than two weeks now…

And due to the limited amount civilised stuff such as wi-fi & electricity, I’ve not been updating.

So… it’s really cool to be back in a more predictable environment; so I can get to share some words with you.

What Im going to share with you today is something that has made such a big shift in my life… This idea alone has proved itself again and again to, fig acted upon, give me peace of mind, courage & steady growth… And also, just helping me to deal with fear of “failure” or fear of “the unknown.”

So let’s dive right into the subject: Starting Small.

Ok…. So let’s say you have this audacious goal…

But… you’re scared that when you actually commit & go “all in”, you’ll evened then, eventually fail…

But this word “fail”… We have to get it out of our vocabulary….

It hinders us from stepping up courageously & growing…

What we want to do is to see our missteps as feedback…

But the thing is that oftentimes, we take so big risks that when life gives us “feedback”, it feels so painful so we’d prefer to call it a “failure.”

But let me suggest that:

If you see your missteps simply as “failure”… That means that you either:

a) took a to big of a risk to start with, or that you 
b) are defining your success by results & feelings instead of by growth & lessons

How can we illustrate this point…

Well, let’s say you want to become an architect, artist, leader, philanthropist, parent or author… there’s many things we can choose to become…

In the first place we have to ask ourselves…

What drives you to become this?

What’s the reason behind the desire to become this?

What’s the nature of the journey of becoming this?

What are the key choices to make, that will take you closer? 

And is that essence, these key choices something you naturally enjoy and believe in?

If yes… Then go on and start making these choices in your day to day life.

If you’re not sure… Try it out and get some feedback on what emotions these choices give you.

If there is passion, joy & flow… this might be something for you…

If not… well, theres many things to try and youll eventually find something that truly speaks to your heart.


My encouragement to you is to really seek out and pin point what makes you feel like life is truly worth living and start investing, taking small steps, little day to day choices in this direction.

And… remember.

Where there is love, there will be a way. 

With love,

Daniel J. Galovan

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