Post #72. Think Like An Investor – Think ROI.

Think like an investor.

When it comes to choices around time, money, food, sleep, work… any choices really.

When considering the different choices, again, think like an investor…

An investor is always thinking about ROI.

To imagine what might be a good decision*, an investor is always asking himself:

What will the Return On Investment be?

So… try this kind of thinking when it comes to day to day choices around, lets say time:

– What’s the best Return On Investment (ROI) on my time?

Or food:

– What food will give me the best ROI?

Or when it comes to time:

– What use of my time will give me and those around me the best ROI?

Or, what work will give the best ROI?

So, the big question here that we have to ask ourselves is:
What is the Return that we are looking to get?

And this has a great deal to do with your longterm goals, values & visions… How could we ever do a “good decision”* if we don’t know where we want the decision to take us…?

* A good decision is simply the one which gives you the consequences & outcomes that you serve you and help you reach your objectives & goals. F.ex if you wish to have good energy, because you want to be useful to others in some way, a good decision might be to start exercising & eating more veggies on a regular basis. 🙂


What are the Returns/outcomes that mean most to you? 

Which daily choices do you need to take in order to advance in that direction? 

With love!

– Daniel Galovan 

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