Post #79. Advice To My Future Self (When I have Kids)

As I’ve witnessed how other families operate and thought a bit about it, here are some ideas that I’ve come up with, that I wish to put into practice as a parant:
(Start now Daniel!!)

1. Have a special room where technology is allowed, so it’s a conscious choice rather than a distraction.

2. Buy only the foods and drinks which you truly believe in, so that you don’t have to be police about how much they eat.

3. Act as you wish them to act as adults, model the behaviour & character traits you wish to see in them. (self-control, respect, honesty)

4. Speak as you wish them to speak as adults: truthfully & with respect.

5. Wake up early and apply effective strategies to strengthen your body, mind and soul, so you can give more freely during the day.

6. Don’t walk alone… Look for mentors (people who know something you want to know) and ask them how they did it… (With specific parenting questions)

7. Always eat dinner together, religiously. Check in on everyone.

8. Study books like: The Secrets of Happy Families by Bruce Feiler & incorporate the ideas that make sense to you.

9. Read Carol S. Dweck’s book Mindset again and make sure you encourage a growth mindset with your words and actions.

10. Read Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly again and make sure that you deal with shame effectively.


With love!

– Daniel Galovan 


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