#84. The Science of Being Awesome

With awesome, I mean: The ideal version of You… Whatever that looks like to you.

Its unique to all of us.

This is what awesome means to me:

Someone who has a lot of sustainable energy & strength, focused on what truly matters most and most importantly, someone genuinely caring about the welfare of others. 

The thing is, you can truly become stronger, sharper & better as a human being, every day…

“Better”, in this case meaning: More useful to the world.

These are the scientifically proven paths, to greater energy, creativity, focus, motivation, willpower and joy.

This is how to become more awesome.

Try them out and see for yourself.

1. Move!
Exercise is one of the now proven ways to boost your moods right away (endorphins & dopamine) but also elevate your longterm neural health though releasing the protein BDNF (brain derived neuro-triophic factor) which is known to stimulate the growth of new neurones, which leads to preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

This phenomena of new neurones being created is super cool. It’s called Neurogenesis. Totally worth looking up further, especially if you’re worried about neat degenerative diseases down the road.

And… It makes your stronger. So you can function better physically and sustain your efforts in this world.

Exercise is king!

2. Meditate…
In short meditating helps us not to take our thoughts so serious. It trains us to listen and observe, listen to what is useful, discarding the rest as “noise.”

This is extremely helpful because if we identify with every thought we have, we can easily fall into negative thought patterns, and this “identification” with it, the “I am-ness” of the thought, eventually creates emotions based on this thought pattern…

Meditation is a great way to break free from this destructive habit of identifying to strongly with our thoughts…

3. RAK’s 🙂 (Random Acts of Kindness)
When we do good, we feel good.Go out & connect with some people today.
Be kind for the sake of kindness… It will create a positive spiral and spill into other areas of your life, in a good way! 🙂 

Some ideas:
* Slow down (it will make you more kind instantly)
* Write a “Thank you note” to someone
* Give a hug and show you really care
* Go for a walk

Check out: Random Acts Of Kindness for more ideas. 🙂


It all pretty much comes down to doing something that makes you feel really good and proud about yourself… This is a very good place to be if you want to connect with others more genuinely or become a better producer in this world.

So, do what makes you feel a sense of deep joy… The kind of thing that, after doing it, you can go to someone you look up to and share what you just did with passion.

Find your tools to be at your best. Use them.

You already know what you love to do.

Write a list and pick it up when you feel drowsy or un-inspired to take action.


Take care! 

With love, 

Daniel Galovan 

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