Post #88. The Young Man & His Field

Once there was a young man who was given a field to tend & cultivate.

He knew this was a great way to get food and fruits. He was very excited.

The first year, the young man was really happy about all the little green things that was growing all over the land.

Every now and then, it rained and he saw the different weeds grow up larger and larger.

But he never saw any fruits or vegetables… What was this all about.

By a matter of chance, an old man came walking by with a basket full of colourful fruits and vegetables.

“Where did you get those from?” Asked the young man.

The old man answered:

“I grew them… From seed to fruit.” 

The young man was stunned about this thing called a “seed”.

The Second Year, the young man went to the village near by and asked around everyone for seeds. He filled his backpack with bags of seeds, seeds of all sort.

He came home to his fields, plowed it and began spreading seeds all over his field, excited about all the things he was growing.

A year went by and there never came any fruits, nonetheless any vegetables.

In frustration, the young man searched around in his field for the slightest piece of food and noticed a small tomato. He picked it up and looked at it with enthusiasm.

Right then, the old man came again, with his basket of beautiful fruits and vegetables.

The young man ran towards him yelling:

“Old man I did what you told me! I got seeds!”

The old man laughed out and with warmth he exclaimed:

“A lot of them I see… You know they need some space.”

The young man understood directly that he had gotten too many seeds for them to flourish and bare good fruits.

The Third Year, the young man plowed his land and went into the village again…

This time he had to really stop and think about which few set of seeds he wanted to plant… How could one decide this?

He asked himself:
“Which ones do I truly love?” 

I truly love kale, broccoli & spinach.

He thought deeply about which three different seeds to plant in his garden, bought them and went home to plant them.

During the year, he followed the kale, noticing when different weeds were trying to get into it’s space.

He followed the broccoli and protected it from hungry little intruders.

He was deeply attentive to the spinach and watched it grow day by day.

He gave the plants what they needed…

A year passed and now, he had all these strong, beautiful vegetables to enjoy.

The old man was walking by this year again and with a big smile he said:

“Now you know how to grow something great. Tell me what you learned.” 

The young man answered:

“If you don’t choose what you want to grow, your land will be taken over by useless weeds. If you plant to many seeds, none of them will grow properly. But if you choose a few seeds you like the most, they have space to grow and it’s easier to take care of each of their needs.”


If you don’t stand for anything, you fall for everything.

Choose what you wish to stand for in your life.  

Choose which seeds you want to plant in your life. 

Attend to them. 

Watch them grow. 

Enjoy it’s fruits.

With love.

Daniel Galovan 

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