Post #90. How to Clarify Your Mission


Try this process to discover what you’re menat to do, who you’re meant to serve. 

I believe this is where a deeper sense of meaning, passion & direction is to be found, in serving others in a way that is meaningful to you. Here’s how to get some deeper clarity in this. 

Step 1. Find a problem that disturbs you
Usually this is something that is not perfect in the world. There are many options here to choose from, but the one I believe you will have the most impact in is the problem that you have experienced yourself. It’s hard won empathy. Leverage it into genuine connection.  Your people need your insights, stories & experiences. 

Step 2. Try to understand it deeply
Ask specific questions to your people. Know your people deeply. Ask more questions. Get to know them more deeply. 

Step 3. Deliver that solution beautifully
Solve the problem in different ways based on your understanding of the core of it. Go deep. Go all in. Leverage your particular skills and stories.

Step 4. Repeat and advance on step 2-3
Deepen understanding and improve on the solution. Make it more clear, practical and compelling.


What do you think?

Journal on the first step to find clarity. 

Clarity is powerful. 

Focus is powerful.


With love, 



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