Post #93. Use Your Inner Freedom

“We always have a choice about the contents and character of our inner lives.”
–  Epíktētos, Greek Stoic Philosopher, AD 50 -135

Our inner lives…

This is where all the choices happen.

Aware or unaware.

Freedom is a choice.

We are always free on the inside.

This freedom can only be lost by forgetting we have it.
(but it can always be reclaimed… but make sure you start small… it’s a muscle.)

Our decision muscles atrophy from disuse. 

All of the sudden something else is starting to choose for us… Things like raw impulse fear of all sorts… Pain or pleasure… Running from temporary pain to temporary pleasure… Hedonic adaptation sets in and we become more un-free…

On the other hand by training our will, we can choose what will go on in there in our minds, which will reflect in our lives. Because now we are masters.

When things happen that we can not change, we are challenged to change ourselves. In this case, our inner selves, which is truly free.

Our thoughts and opinion… Our attitude about it, is always changeable.



Train today: 
Practice today when something happens that is out of your control. Instead of just reacting to it in a haphazard fashion. Train yourself in this little moment of freedom  to actually use it and respond with a choice.

Start small.

Remember to practice  Carrying The Little Things Well, and you will be able to carry the heavier things well, later on your journey.

With love, 
Daniel Galovan 

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