Post #97. Focus Your Inner Life First 

Start with focusing on your inner life. 

No matter how much money you have in the bank and no matter where you live, there is something that is universal for all of us… our inner lives… we all have to deal with our own thinking, our own emotions, our past… 

Your overall wellbeing will be determined by how well you deal with your inner life… 

Your inner life follows you wherever you go. 

Your inner life will not stop nagging at you with its stuff… 

Therefore, start with healing your inner life before you try to fill the void with other stuff… stimulations, distractions & material. 

It might help short term to do that thing you know is not good for you, but it will prevent you from inner growth i the long run. 

Because this pain will not go away until you deal with it. 

Recognize that this feeling of not being enough… it will not go away, no matter how “cool” you try to be… 

Oh my goodness how I’ve struggled with being “cool”, being “one of the gang”. It’s truly draining trying to fit into a group you don’t feel you belong to. 

Find your tribe.

Those who love what you love. 


Feeling this void on the inside? 

How does it feel? 

Perhaps you feel like you want to cry, but nothing is coming out.

Perhaps you feel this pressure over your chest. 

If you have not got anyone aroud you to hug and tell them how you feel… try this…

Put your hand on your heart and tell yourself what a great friend would tell you in this situation… 

Imagine if your friend would be in a similar situation, feeling the same, with similar confusions and challenges ahead… 

What would you tell your friend to think about, what would you tell them to do? What small next step could they take? 


With love,



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