Post #98. The Little Seed & The Big Tree


Once there was a Little Seed on an field.

He was jumping around, feeling small and lonely…

The Little Seed felt so little that he hid himself behind a rock, so that no one could see how little he was.

“I’m so small… Useless… I will never amount to anything… I’m just a seed. A little seed.”

The Little Seed began to cry and in a spirit of hopelessness he sat there, hidden behind the rock.

But something happened this day, that changed the life of tThe Little Seed, forever. Words were spoken, by a deep, kind voice.

“Why are you crying little seed?” 

The Little Seed stopped crying and looked around to find out who was speaking to him.

He pushed himself closer into the rock. No one was going to find out he was here…

“What if someone found out I’m here?

Again, he heard the same gentle, yet powerful voice, asking once again:

“Why are you crying Little Seed?” 

The Little Seed now understood that the one who was asking really cared.

Now The Little Seed, took every ounce of courage he had within him and with his voice shaking, he said:

“I’m just a Little Seed… I will never amount to anything. Who are you by the way?”

Now as The Little Seed looked up, he saw that a Big Tree was watching him from above. The Big Tree was smiling gently, with warmth in his eyes.

“Oh…” He sighed with empathy…“Poor Little Seed.”

“You know what? I was once also a Little Seed, jumping around feeling small and hiding from the trees… But you can stop the hiding… Because I have something to tell you, which you probably will find hard to believe…”

“Well…” said the tree “Did you know that you have everything within you to become a tree. To put it simply, you are made out of pure potential. In fact, every little seed is. In every Little Seed, there is a Tree waiting to grow.” 

“What? But how do I grow to be big like you?” 

“Well, first of all, stop hanging around with all those seeds all the time… I know it’s comfortable, but… You can come back and visit them later. But for now begin to introduce yourself to some trees.
Be completely honest with them about how you feel. Ask them questions & listen closely to what they tell you about growing… Then you will begin to believe… that you too, can become a flourishing tree, baring good fruits and bringing joy to others.”

From this day on, The Little Seed begun to believe more and more in it’s capacity to grow… and guess what… today he has become A Big Beautiful Tree.


Is your self-image preventing you from growing?

Recognise that you have everything you need inside of you to grow into whatever your heart is calling you to.

You’ve got everything you need to become great.

With love,



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