Post #100. Climb Small Mountains First & The Feeling of Reaching a Destination

Find it difficult to commit to large goals?

Start small.

Look to the next horizon and commit to something that feels believable, doable.

In may 13th, I decided that I was going to write 100 blog posts.

They didn’t have to be great, even good.

I simply wanted to feel how it feels to write.

And get emotional feedback on which subjects and questions that resonates…

It’s been a really nice experience to process a lots of ideas and put words to concepts.

But it’s also been quiet painful every now and then…

“I have a pain in my butt, my back is hurting and I don’t feel I’m making a lot of impact.”

I think a lot of bloggers who are starting out might feel like this…

But one thing I’ve noticed is how these “pains”… sort of disappear if I write about something I’m passionate about, something that I feel could actually make a difference… Something that’s making a big difference in my life…

Another lesson I’ve learned from writing these 100 little posts, is that wisdom degenerates without use… it sort of atrophies when we don’t feed ourselves with the right thoughts, attitudes and actions…

On the other hand, when we remind ourselves of something that is truly important to us, when we speak the same words daily, we start to believe them, and that can either be a very helpful, or… not so helpful…

It’s fascinating to see how writing in this way can raise awareness within myself…

But also how this awareness can atrophy when it’s not being focused on for some time…

But I guess we raise ourselves to a new level, which we get used to.

It’s hard to see the change in ourselves, easier to see it in others…

So, this is the last post in this little project.

Now, I did it…

I climbed a little mountain and from here… well, I guess I see myself a little more clearly.

The next step for me is to get back to this material, read it through and really feel which subjects speak to me the most…

In this way, I believe I can find a red thread.


I wish you all the best. 

Peace and all good. 

With love, 
Daniel Galovan 
Stockholm, Sweden 

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