Post #102. The Dreamer & The Doer – How Are They Getting Along?

“Potential unexpressed turns into pain.”
– Robin Sharma

“The longer you live a ‘safe’ life, the more your goals, potential, and any sense that your life has meaning all fade away and eventually seem beyond reach. You’ve consigned your soul to Part X. The only way to take it back is to identify what’s really important to you and pursue it with every last ounce of energy.
–  Barry Michels & Phil Stutz, Coming Alive

Within each one of us, we have a dreamer and a doer.

Your sense of fulfilment will be dictated by how well they manage to work together. 

The dreamer has ideals, ambitions and longings and he asks “the Doer” to take some action.

When “the Dreamer” inside of you can tell the doer to “go confidently in the direction of his dreams”, and instead of doing his job, he procrastinates, leaves dreams unfinished and potential unexpressed, it will hurt…

On the other hand, if “the Dreamer” inside of you tells “the Doer” his wishes, and he “the Doer” goes and actually does something about it… then internal peace & a sense of fulfilment can be fostered.

The Dreamer and the Doer are now reconciled. 

The Dreamer is a bold visionary and the Doer is a conservative pragmatic.

Our task is to get this dreamteam to work together, so you can become a “Disciplined Dreamer.”

Define what truly matters to you, who you wish to be and what you wish to do in this one precious life.

Stay focused and go in that direction. How fast you go matters less. What matters is that you go. 

Your soul, the Dreamer, will thank you for it.


With love, 
Daniel Galoven 

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