Post #103. Emily Esfahani Smith on Living a Meaningful Life

Just saw a TED talk by the author & researcher Emily Esfahani Smith about meaning vs. happiness.

This is a summary. 

We are pursuing happiness which makes us unhappy…

Many feel hopeless… depressed & isolated…

Can the constant feed of news, the constant comparison on social media and the addiction to technology have anything to do with this? (my own hypothesis)


1. Love & Belonging
Feeling valued for who you are & valuing others around you. Taking tie to be present & care for them.

2. Purpose
It’s about what you give.

How? Use your strengths to SERVE others.

3. Transcendence

How? Passion.

What let’s you experience “flow”? Meditation, music, dance, art, adventure?

4. Storytelling
Reframing painful experiences. What’s the story you’re telling yourself about who you are & where you’ve been.

If you’re telling yourself a disempowering story… Tell yourself a new story…

There is always an opportunity for redemption, growth & love.

Use your painful experiences to grow.


In short.

Want to live a meaningful life?

Make sure you connect, give, do something you’re passionate about & tell yourself an empowering story today.

With love, 
Daniel Galovan 



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