Post #104. Why I Chose to Become “a Minimalist”

“In the late ’90s Americans spent more on shoes, jewellery, and watches ($80 billion) than on higher education ($65 billion). An incredible 93% of teenage girls say that shopping is their favourite activity.”
~ Jean Twenge & Keith Campbell


It’s the first Minimalist Monday & I’m going to share my 3 reasons why I chose to become & stay “a minimalist”

My first experience when I felt the need for simplifying my life was when backpacking from Spain to Andorra & I had way to much baggage. It hindered me… I wanted to be free but instead I was limited by all my stuff… The stuff held me back.

So, from 2014, I began my journey of simplifying my life, materialistically.

So here are the 3 key things that I love most about minimalism & simplifying my life.

1. I can wear the same kind of shirt every day and be totally ok with it. (because I’m a minimalist now! Mohaha!) 

When I went to school I remember how I felt I had to wear different clothes every day. And after a while I had to buy new because… that was how most of the people rolled… It turned out to become a b it expensive & also a bit stressful down the road.

It’s so nice to know that I’ve got everything I need.

So, the specific shirt’s I wear every day are a black t-shirt and a black long sleeve t-shirt.

“But that must be so boring!!” you may say…?

Nope, I think it’s really fun. I can have fun & express myself in other ways than through my clothes.

This T-shirt. 

And this long t-shirt.

2. I can travel for months with a small “day” backpack 

The specific backpack I use is a Osprey Velocity 13. 

And everything I need for months of traveling & living fits in it. And I can run with it!

Someday I will share a list of the things I bring while traveling.

3. My hands are free 

Another thing I love about being a minimalist is that when I carry very little myself, I have free hands to help others.

If my hands where full, there would be no space for helping someone else.

See, if your hands are clenched, holding onto something you think you need, it’s difficult to give, and it’s also difficult to receive.


The thing is… There’s nothing inherently wrong with “stuff” per se… But when stuff limits our ability to live the life we want to live, then we should really re-think our relationship with stuff.

Stuff should act as tools… not burdens… not limiting us to be free.

When material objects limit you from living the way you want, know that you can always become a minimalist. 😀  One who values less, but better.

Best wishes & good look simplifying your life!

Live well, 

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