“What the preschoolers did as they tried to keep waiting, and how they did or didn’t manage to delay gratification, unexpectedly turned out to predict much about their future lives. The more seconds they waited at age four or five, the higher their SAT scores and the better their rated social and cognitive functioning in adolescence. At age 27-32, those who had waited longer during the Marshmallow Test in preschool had a lower body mass index and a better sense of self-worth, pursued their goals more effectively, and coped more adaptively with frustration and stress. At midlife, those who could consistently wait (‘high delay’), versus those who couldn’t (‘low delay’), were characterized by distinctively different brain scans in areas linked to addictions and obesity.”
– Walter Mischel

“Arguably the best answer to the ‘What can we do to help our children?’ question is to model what you would like them to become.”
– Walter Mischel

Strengthen the connection with your future self: 
By vividly imagining our future selves experience of the consequences of our current action.

Implementation Intentions
If X Then Y.

If there is bread & I feel tempted to eat it, then I will see myself as 120 years old, running in the mountains and giving lectures on mental health & longevity.


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