A Few Simple Principles & Goals (what could be more important?)

What if we focused our entire lives on cultivating these qualities of character?

1. Do our very best whatever we do 
2. Be honest to ourselves & others 
3. Be kind to ourselves & others

What if we lived every day of our lives in pursuit of these principles?

What would our life look like? What would the world look like?

Excellent. Connected. Warm. Hospitable. Friendly. 

And what if we lived the rest of our lives in pursuit of just a few essential goals?

1. Taking care of our health to the best of our knowledge 
2. Connecting genuinely & viscerally with other human beings 
3. Helping people & adding real value to the world by using our evolving strengths and passions

It’s so easy to complicate things… to miss the essentials in life…

If we ignore our health, soon we’ll find ourselves sick and weak…

If we ignore connecting with others, soon we’ll find ourselves isolated & depressed…

If we ignore helping people and adding value, soon we’ll find ourselves poor and unfulfilled…

What could be more important than cultivating these qualities & pursuing these life goals?

I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

Best wishes, 
Daniel Galovan 

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