When robots can do what we can do… What should we do?

I think…

Many mechanical & logical problems will be solved, but our “illogical” human problems… will still have to solved by… yes, by US.

I mean…

We will still be addicted to certain foods, comfort & stimulation.

We will still have our pre-conditioned human tendencies that we have to work with.

I was at a seminar a few weeks ago and one of the speakers was Gary Vaynerchuk.

He said something that really stuck with me:

“Technology doesn’t change us, technology expose us.”

What he meant was that technology doesn’t make us lazy but it exposes our laziness. It lowers the threshold to a “lazy decision.”

So, when robots can do everything FOR us, we will have the chance to be even more sedentary and more “comfortable”.

Which will lead to… not very healthy human beings I suppose.

So, the future belongs to those who spend a lot of time in nature, active, stretching their limits and using the capacities of their mind, body & soul.


What are you’re thoughts on this?

How can one prepare oneself for this great change?

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