Overview of the Immediate Success Program

Success (my definition) = Making a decision towards a goal that you care deeply about

1. Find Your Path – Know Yourself – Define Your Mountaintop

* Acknowledge the Integrity Gap vs. Medicate the feeling of the Integrity Gap/cognitive dissonance

* Define what Success means to you vs. Follow Society’s Definition of Success

* Find Your Focus vs. Get Distracted by what everyone else focus on

* Do What You Want vs. What Other People Want

* Do what you hold to be right & good vs. What other people think

* Think Your Thoughts vs. Thinking what society wants you to think

* Set your goals vs. Societies, or your peers goals for you

* Stand for something vs. Fall for anything

* Turn off your TV & start educating yourself for real vs. Feeding your mind with images that exploit your weaknesses & fears

* Stop medicating yourself & start living your highest purpose vs. Medicating yourself with stimulants in form of food, addictions, porn, tv, youtube, entertaining series and so on… and as a result, postponing living your highest purpose to some time in the future.

2. Knowing That Growth & Change is in Your Hands

* Study the Neurobiology of Human Potential to Grow & Change/Growth Mindset vs. A Fixed Mindset that sells you the lie that you’re incapable of growth & change

* Knowing that your history doesn’t need to define your future vs. Thinking your history is determining your future

3. Cultivate Intense Focus on What Truly Matters (Your Mountaintop)

* Wake up earlier than you have to & focus on your dream vs. sleep in and let life “happen”

* Stay on the path vs. Get distracted by other things & fall off the path

* Write down your goals every day vs. Forgetting Your Goals

* Have a vision board vs. Have a fuzzy Vision

* Write about your goals every day vs. Forget your goals & loose your focus

4. Take Disciplined Daily Steps Towards Your Mountaintop

* Taking Disciplined action vs. Waiting for Motivation to strike in order to take action

* Design your Environment so your priorities flow easier vs. Having the environment work against you

5. Enjoy the Journey & Travel Well

* Take care of your mind, body & character vs. Sacrificing your mind, body & character

* Get a Mentor vs. Do the Journey alone

* Find People who are like minded vs. Do the journey alone

* Take great care of your health vs. Sacrificing your health

* Neurogenesis vs. Neurodegeneration

* Measure Your Progress vs. Be impatient with your own growth & imbalanced in how you look at your progress (look back how far you’ve gone & track your progress)

* Take breaks vs. Burnout

* Cultivate Presence & meditate daily vs. Let your mind wander & bounce around like crazy

* Exercise daily vs. Be Sedentary

* Quit Sugar vs. Indulge in this highly addictive poison. (you know it’s a highly addictive poison right?)


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