Talk with Engagement Expert Niklas Delmar

Yesterday morning I attended a seminar with the Engagement Expert Niklas Delmar. (check out more about Niklas here)

This is what I’ve learned:

According to Gallup (in Sweden): 
* 16 % are engaged at work
* 73 % are disengaged at work
* 11 % are actively disengaged at work

Documentary to watch:
The Swedish Theory of Love

The future lies in “TOGETHERNESS” 

The 8 Pillars of Engagement: 

1. Take responsibility for your own level of engagement

2. Take responsibility in your part in every relationship

3. Understand what drives you

4. Fuel your energy & make sure to recover

5. Use your strengths + your passion

6. Make sure the environment and culture fits your values & preferences

7. See the power of tiny improvements over time

8. Follow up and measure your improvements


Wish you the best!

Warm greetings, 
Daniel Galovan

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