A Millennials Confessions


I’m an involuntary millennial.

And here are some things which made me broke, depressed & lonely even if I grew up in this most amazing time of abundance and infinite possibility.

I want to share this with you for two reasons:
a) To help you get a better understanding of millennials and
b) help millennials understand they are not alone.


1. I invested all my money to seem successful rather than to become successful (which I hadn’t even defined)

There was a temptation to buy myself the image of success (style, culture, party), which made me broke.

Also, I was pursuing a definition of success which did not fulfil me.

2. I thought I could make it on my own without the help of mentors. 

So I found myself overwhelmed and stuck with my own fears and hopes paralysing me.

3. I focused too much on myself.

So I never discovered my purpose & my mission in life. Where “our passion and skills meet the deep needs of the world.”

4. I kept thinking I needed more information & inspiration to create something useful in the world.

So I stayed in my comfort zone binging TED talks and educational youtube clips.

Always thinking I’m not enough…

5. There were so many possibilities in life and goals to pursue so I felt overwhelmed & paralyzed.

…and could not commit to one goal that mattered to me.


To put it short, I believe the Millennials who embrace these 4 strategies will flourish in this age of infinite possibility.

So this is what I did & why I think it worked.

1. I Became “a Minimalist”

By escaping the trend game and consumerism culture, I became free to invest my money in dreams and experiences which had more value to me.

Such as adventure. Or meaningful experiences. Healthy food, freedom etc.

2. I Joined the Shared Economy.

Now, we don’t need to own everything.

Which makes it easier for us to work less and be more free…

Now I know that I can travel and experience cultures with less expenses through Air Bnb and couchsurfing.

3. I found good Mentors and coaches to guide me and help me focus.

This was a true game changer for me.

Also, a mentor can help you set realistic goals and work towards milestones.

4. I Found a Community of likeminded individuals.

Whatever you love to do. Photography, painting, running, donkey riding… you don’t need to do it alone!

Human beings where made to connect.

Stop thinking your being social on “social” media.

Its not giving you what you need.

True visceral human interactions is where its at.



Need help to set goals and find mentors in your life?

I would love to talk about it!

Please feel free to book a free consultation at my contact page.

With your best in mind, 
Daniel Galovan


2 thoughts on “A Millennials Confessions

  1. Love the proposed solutions, Daniel!

    Especially, the community aspect and shared economy.

    In fact, I see all 4 you mentioned as interrelated. Each community can have mentors and needs leaders and those who are disciplined to follow. Since a lot is shared and available, many become minimalists as a natural outcome.

    Curious to see where your journey will lead you. Keep up that mindset, my friend!


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