5 Keys to Flourish in Nation Humanity

“There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness & truth.”
– Leo Tolstoy

Where are we heading?

And how can we prepare ourselves to thrive in the future of humanity?

My feeling is that we are really starting to wake up collectively.

Global awareness and the connectivity of everything is still pretty new to us.

We are only beginning to see how this changes the way we have been used to do things.

So, here’s what I would look into more:

1. Know what the wealthy & super rich people truly care about

So, what this means is that if you’re looking to start a business, you truly need to know what the upper part truly cares about.

And part from buying luxury products, they are now caring more about how the products are being made and the story behind it.

So, want to be competitive on the market, sell something that a) really makes the world a better place or b) has a unique story.

Through our consumption, we show the world what we believe and who we are.

Now, buying a shirt from a company who empowers women & is eco friendly is cool.

Wearing a hand made bracelet from a Tibetan monk who fasted and meditated a week while crafting, is also very cool.

Also, if the product is shipped by bicycle or a drone, it’s also really cool.

2. Care more about people & experiences than things – Become a minimalist


“‘More! More!’ is the cry of a mistaken soul.”
– William Blake

Overall, having a lot of stuff is not that cool anymore.

Now we want to be free.

We care more about being free to explore, move, travel and go on daring adventures together.

I also believe superior quality products will win the game.

Lifetime Guarantee will be the ideal of the aware consumer who want things to truly last. 

3. Master a skill which you can do better than a machine

“Everything that can be automated will be automated.”
– Shoshana Zuboff

“’Work’ will change to things that can not be done by machines.”
– Adam Griffin

Hey! This is a tricky one!

Can a robot be a Barista?

Can a robot be a leader of a company?

Can a robot be a doctor?

Can a robot be a nurse?

Hey, I imagine we will experiment to which extent robots can replace human beings & visceral connections. But man… there is just something special about human beings meeting in real life.

My conclusion is that robotics will be able to fill a lot of functions but we will still need people to manage robots… 

4. Create a Global Network & Co-Create the future together

“Anyone can now learn anything from anyone at anytime.”
-Dr. Curtis J. Bonk

Whatever you want to learn and master, someone else has mastered it before you and you can reach that person… tomorrow, if you’d like to, and ask some questions.

That’s pretty cool. 

5. Take Care of your brain & body, seriously

Last but lost least…

If we loose our health, we loose everything.

Doesn’t mater how cool, rich and famous you are does it?

A piece of advice I got from on of my mentor is to “learn as much as possible about health and how your body works.”

Im a work in progress.

A site I recommend for learning about healthy diet and lifestyle is Optimize.me

So, take care!

With love, 







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