Self Mastery = Life Mastery


Do you have a lot of good intentions but find it hard to follow through?

Are you aware of all the amazing things you could do but find yourself… not doing those things?

Let’s talk about it. 🙂

The cure is called Self Mastery.

It’s a great way to start your journey of creating the life, character and results you want. 🙂

So, no matter how good of intentions we have.
They matter very little if we have not developed mastery of ourselves, self mastery.

Self Mastery is the mental muscle which makes it possible to act in accordance with our highest values, even if it’s not comfortable, easy or convenient at the moment. 

Self Mastery is the skill which allows you to be in integrity with your values.

Why does this matter?

Well, if you have something you care about in life…

Your relationships, work, health, economy… anything.

If you wish to achieve substantial results in any domain of your life, then Self Mastery is essential.

But only if you are serious about accomplishing something worthwhile in your life.

Self Mastery is the core muscle in your character which allows you to do what you know is right and good for you and those around you.

Here are a few suggestions of things that work for me.

1. Take a cold shower

I used to take cold showers but now I take a dip in the bay nearby. There’s a hole in the ice which is perfect for me to challenge my comfort zone & practice self mastery.

2. Wake up the same time each day

I wake up 5.00  every morning and go for a run every morning.
Doesn’t matter how late I slept the last night.
I will still go up 5.00, brush my teeth and go for a 30 min run.
No matter the weather.

I do this because I know I feel more alive and vibrant after the run and I feel a sense of empowerment and discipline when I actually conquer the bed and rise 5.00 no matter what 🙂

3.  Take breaks from working

I know that it’s good for my brain to take 5 min breaks every 20 minutes after sitting by the computer writing or working. So I do it. And it helps me to come back for the next “session” more fresh and ready to be productive and creative again 😀

This strategy for productivity is called the Pandora Method and it’s really good for your brain! 🙂 


But really… this is just my personal ways of helping myself live in integrity with what I believe to be right and good.

It’s a good idea that you figure out your specific “self mastery development regimen” for yourself.

Create your own list!

It will vary depending on where you live and what your goals are and what your currently struggling with.

To create your own list:

Ask yourself: What activity or choices do I know to be good and healthy for me? 
Perhaps it’s a simple workout or a walk in the morning?
Perhaps its waking up a particular time every morning?
Perhaps its reading one page every morning?

What is one thing you can start doing to live your life more in integrity with your values?

Wish you the best!

Let me know what your #1 new Self-Mastery daily habit will is or will be?

With love, 
Daniel Galovan  

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