6 Promising Technologies

What if we could support every person on this planet with sustainable and affordable food, energy & transportation solutions?

New technologies are on the rise and here are some of them.

1. Vertical Farming 
Bildresultat för urban oasis stockholm

* Urban Oasis

2. Growing Meat in a Lab
Bildresultat för growing meat

3. Self Sustaining Villages
Bildresultat för regen village
Not as vulnerable to crisis
(not dependent on a larger system to survive in difficult times)

Based on:
* Self-Reliance
* Sharing Economy
* Circular Economy

4. Clean Energy
Bildresultat för clean energy
* Switch/R

5. Electricity Vehicles 
Bildresultat för tesla

6. Vacuum Trains 
Norwegians want futuristic vacuum train between Oslo and Copenhagen

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