Village 3.0

This is my utopia. A more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable way to go forward.

A new, still ancient way of living, where relationships, health & resilience is higher valued than money, fame & status.


We live in small villages, near people we love and respect. Connected to others villages.
In this way no one is unknown, lonely or forgotten.

We are self-sufficient with essential food, water and clean energy.
In this way we are not dependent on a larger system for our survival & resilient to national and global crisis.

We have guest homes for global visitors.
In this way we will always have a room for those in need, in despite of inhumane immigration politics.   

We make what we use, to a large extent.
Not dependent on global trade with unfair working conditions.

We don’t have more than we need.
In this way, we can manage a circular economy and be more resourceful.


What do you think?

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