11 Positive Trends & Movements

Here’s a list of just some positive reactions to unsustainable ways of living and organising. What are some more positive trends that you can think of?

1. The Minimalist Movement – a reaction to thoughtless hyper consumerism & competitive consumeristic behaviour

2. The DIY (Do It Yourself) Movement – a reaction to inhumane industries, hyper consumerism & lack of expressed creative potential

3. The Permaculture Movement – a reaction to Mono-cultures which abuse land

4. The Earth Ship & Natural Building Movement – a reaction to toxicity in buildings and fossil fuel dependency

5. Rotation Gracing to Mimmic Nature & Restore Land – a reaction to desertification

6. The Eco-Village Movement – a reaction to the potential alienation & sicknesses of living in cities, loneliness, anonymity, food waste, air pollution, stress, lack of nature.

7. The Zero Plastic Movement – a reaction to detrimental amounts of plastic & micro-plastic in oceans & forests

8. The Vegan Movement – a reaction to mass production of meat & dairy, deforestation & ecological crisis

9. The Fermentation Trend – a reaction to food waste, unhealthy diets & disengaged food culture

10. Natural Movement – a reaction to sedentary lifestyles, disconnection from nature & lack of play

11. Food Foraging – a reaction to disconnection from nature & lost trust in the food chain

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