New & Ancient Ways Forward

The experiment is hereby over. It did not go as we planned.

We need new ways to go forward. A way where we need not sacrifice the health of ourself, other beings and our planet.

1. Earthship

Relaterad bild

2. Permaculture & food forests
Bildresultat för ben falk perma
Bildresultat för food forest

3. Pasture Rotation to prevent overgrazing and desertification
Bildresultat för pasture rotation

4. Crafting & DIY
Bildresultat för weaving basket

5. Non-Violent Communication
Bildresultat för NVC

6. Wild Food
Foraging Safely at Home

7. Village Structures
Bildresultat för village 3.0

We will see a movement from:

Mass-production to individual & community -production.

From buying plastic to working with biodegradable materials.

From energy decadence to energy intelligence.

From wastefulness to resourcefulness.

From poor & processed diet to nutritious & whole food diet.

From deforestation, to guarding our pristine forests.

From global trade to local trade.


With love,

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